MOTU 8Pre USB Audio Interface



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The heart of your studio. It doesnt get much better than the MOTU 8Pre USB Audio Interface. Thanks to the inclusion of eight studio-grade preamps youll be able to capture detailed recordings of single instruments and basic full-band recordings with absolute ease. The 8Pre is designed to grow with you. As your career progresses and set-up expands its likely youll need additional inputs. Make the most of the ADAT optical ports these allow you to enhance your system with an additional eight preamps. The key to achieving great recordings is the creation of perfect headphone mixes. However we all know its not that simple. You know the scenario “I want more bass” “I want less drums” “I want more me” each individual requires something slightly different this can turn into what feels like a balancing act. The 8Pre renders this a thing of the past thanks to CueMix DSP functionality. With this handy feature youll be able to route audio however you see fit to create personal monitor and headphone mixes – all without latency. Impressive right?

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