MXL Tempo KR USB & iPad Compatible Condenser Mic Red/Black



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The MXL Tempo KR USB & iPad Compatible Condenser Mic is a compact and robust cardioid condenser USB microphone thats ideal for streaming vlogging podcasting and musicians. With the explosion in home recording and content creation the need for a quality USB microphone has become paramount to creating high-quality audio for your viewers and listeners. A comprehensive USB connection allows you to connect the MXL Tempo to your desktop or laptop Mac or Windows PC as well as your mobile tablet iOS device. Boasting superb audio quality the MXL Tempo offers 16-bit A/D conversion internally with up to 48kHz sample rate recording frequency to capture every part of the 40 Hz – 18 kHz frequency range with ease. Employing a cardioid polar pattern the MXL Tempo is effective at eliminating off-axis interference handy for reducing the volume of mechanical keyboards and desktop fans. Additionally an integrated high-fidelity headphone jack lets you monitor your audio in near-zero latency.

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