Advantech USB-4671-A Data acquisition module No. of outputs: 1 x



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Advantech’s USB-4671 is a high-performance USB module with a GPIB interface. It offers full compatibility with IEEE 488.1 and 488.2 standards with USB 2.0 bus specification. With two driver control modes: controller mode and slave mode; USB-4671 can perform basic the IEEE 488 talker, listener and controller functions required by IEEE 488.2. Up to 15 GPIB instruments can be connected, making the USB-4671 especially suitable for instrument measurements and control.In addition, the USB-4671 features powerful testing features and a configuration utility which allows easy access and control or instruments by users. The USB-4671 offers a comprehensive supplementary controller driver database and provides standard IEEE-488 commands to help users develop applications. Users can use an interactive GPIB window interface to control devices directly without any need of programming.Advantech’s USB-data acquisition modules, such as the USB-4671-A, are known for their user-friendly design. They are an alternative to traditional serial and parallel devices that require no external power supply and are hot swappable. Thus, a simple upgrade, and maintenance cost is possible, during normal operation to continue. By industry type features such as screw-in fuses of the cable, multiple mounting options and extended monitoring functions, Advantech USB data acquisition modules fits seamlessly into all industrial applications.

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