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After the silver-coloured Yeti, Blue have now released the black Yeti. It’s functionally identical, which means that this Yeti Black also has multiple pickup patterns, and features everything you might need on board to create quality recordings! Just plug the USB cable into your computer and the microphone is good to go! An external preamp, interface or AD converter is not needed. A headphone output lets you easily monitor your own recordings.
Blue Yeti Black: universal microphoneThanks to the different pickup patterns, the Yeti can be used for a variety of applications. In order to achieve this, it features an innovative tri-capsule. By combining different capsules, four pickup patterns can be achieved, one of which even allows you to make stereo recordings. This allows you to use the mic for vocals, guitars, guitar amps and soft percussion, as well as ambient recordings. All in all, it’s a versatile microphone with the renowned Blue quality!

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