Renkforce USB cable USB 3.2 1st Gen (USB 3.0 / USB 3.1 1st Gen) USB-A plug, USB-B plug 50.00 cm Blue gold plated connectors RF-4260498



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With this USB connection cable, connect the USB hub, USB hard drive, USB hard disk docking station, etc., with USB 3.0-B port to your PC or notebook.SuperSpeed USB / USB 3.0 Make your data and connect peripherals such as hard drives and burners via USB 3.0 with your computer. Large data volumes such as HD movies and photos you can transfer within a few seconds with speeds of up to 5 GB/s. In comparison to USB 2.0 offers this ten times the data transfer rate. Copper Core The core is the key element of any cable. This one uses copper to ensure optimum data transfer. In addition to low impedance, copper stands for mechanical resilence, excellent bendability and durability. Moreover, copper wire resistance ratings are much lower than those of cables with cheap steel (CCS) or aluminum (CCA) conductors. All of which makes renkforce cables the perfect choice for a speedy and safe data transfer.Gold Is Key The gold-plated contact pins are anti-corrosive, and also increase wire conductivity. All of which makes renkforce cables the perfect choice for a speedy and safe data transfer.Safe Release A gentle pull on the plug should be enough to disconnect cable and device. However, a molded strain relief on the plug allows release by pulling the cable.RoHS/REACH Compliance All Renkforce adapters and cables fully comply with RoHS and REACH guidelines issued by the EU. Both standards help protect the environment by restricting and licensing hazardous material used in electrical and electronic equipment.This text is machine translated.

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