Smrter USB charging cable USB 2.0 USB-A plug, Apple Lightning plug 1.20 m Black SMRTER_HYDRA_DUO_L_BK



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USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB, and all the time two! – Smrter Hydra DUO – the USB cable with two portsis empty on your smartphone, the tablet is empty and only one free charging slot? Smrter now sends the solution into the ring!The 120cm long nylon charging cable is available for almost all current connections, whether micro-USB, USB C orLightning. The charging current of upto 2.4A (with simultaneous charging of two devices, otherwise up to 1.5A individually) ensures a fast charging process and even enables the simultaneous charging of two different devices. An ideal charging cable for the whole family!Simultaneous chargingThe charging cable fits for all current devices with USBC, Lightning, or Micro-USB connection and even enables you to recharge two devices at the same time. The USB port can be connected to any USB port. Whether USB socket adapter, 12V car charger, PC or even at a power bank.Robust through aluminum and nylonthe folded nylon sheath gives the cable the necessary stability and prevents unwanted distortion and knotting of the cable. The additional anti-kink amplification of the adapter makes the cable ideal for long-term use, whether at home or on the move. The attached hook-and-loop cable lock lets you stow away the cable in no time and without cable mess.This text is machine translated.

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