Usb 3.0 Adapter 90 Degree Male to Female Connector Left and Right Angled Connector Plug



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【AVOID DAMAGE TO USB CABLES】: These adapters securely hold your cables to your laptop or computer, so they won’t stick out and get damaged or damaged. 【Space Saving】: Clean up your desktop. These adapters allow you to continue using your USB ports without worrying about their proximity to your desk. 【High Speed USB 3.0】: Super Speed USB 3.0. Supports Super Speed data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. This USB 3.0 adapter is very useful to avoid the dematerialization of your USB connected devices and save a lot of space on your desk while you use your laptop or computer. USB 3.0 has a higher data transfer speed than 2.0. The USB 3.0 Right Angle Coupler Adapter allows you to use the USB ports on the back of your computer, even when the space is limited. This adapter allows you to connect cables from the left side of the front of the computer. Backward compatible with all previous specifications USB Type-A female to Type-A male connect: The USB 3.0 male connector can be connected to

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